Ride and recharge.

The future is here.

Imagine being able to charge your body battery and your bike at the same time.

Never think about dying batteries again and enjoy your ride for as long as you want. We've teamed up with MAXX SOLAR, a specialist company for solar technology, to make your bike ride a never ending lovestory.

About three years of development time went into the wafer-thin, highly effective solar mats that complete the carbon fibre structure and continuously supply the battery with power. The final, resistant lacquer layer protects the high-tech material and additionally improves the energy output that can be achieved from solar energy. Only 500 grams of additional weight are added, the stiffness values are within the range of conventional, high-performance carbon frames.


You wish there was a working order button here? We do too. Sorry!

We are part of the technological progress that improves our mobility and the joy of cycling every day. We keep at it, even when things don't seem possible (yet).

reveal plus 02 png
reveal plus 01 png

Until then, we are happy to present the REVEAL PLUS, an e-roadbike full of technological features that delievers great cycling experiences.